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For complex and rarely used packaged you are often to nasty surprises. Also some packagers are pretty perverted and add to the package additional dependencies or configure is is a completely bizarre way.

They are typically volunteers and nobody controls what they are doing.

Requiring this feature means having to introduce a whole host of changes to the Torque environment as well as forcing recompile of Open MPI (last I checked epel version of openmpi does not have Torque support) and MAUI, which then means recompiling all the analysis applications, etc... ; NUMA support enabled in 4.2.10-6, so last working version is 4.2.10-5.Sh*t happens, especially with complex open source packages, which do not have adequate manpower for development, testing or packaging, but this was a real SNAFU that affected many naive users with real and pretty large clusters: Gavin Nelson 2016-04-06 EDT Please remove the NUMA support from this package group, or create an alternate package group.My cluster has been dead for almost 2 weeks and the scientists are getting cranky.There is a strong initial tendency of Cent OS and RHEL users is to rely on RPMs for initial installation of new packages.For small or widely used packages this approach usually works OK.

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