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True, hookup websites were long part of gay culture, ranging from 1990s AOL chatrooms to to Manhunt to Adam4But Grindr gamified the thrill of the hunt in real time and real space with geosourcing networking.Grindr has actually been a leading advocate for Pr EP since 2014, and regularly broadcasts safe sex messaging to its users.In a recent Grindr for Equality survey, 26 percent of participating Grindr users were already taking Pr EP and another 56 percent were interested in taking it in the future.I also know that the ever-present temptation of newness is more than some relationships can handle.

Hookup apps have been blamed for promiscuity, sexual addiction, increased sexually transmitted infections, and the spread of HIV.Today’s love-hate relationship with apps is similar to the earlier love-hate relationship with bathhouses. Maybe I’m an old-fashioned romantic who wants more than just fast and easy fun.Imagine the regrettable fling that you know you need to stay away from, but honestly, can’t resist. Maybe I’m just skeptical because I’ve lived in Milwaukee forever and can’t imagine discovering someone I don’t already know.I’m amazed at the number of committed-ish couples I know who are both active on apps, without monogamy and fidelity being called into question.I suspect that underneath that need for newness is the old idea that the grass is always greener elsewhere.

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