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"I'll go out and say to those managers, now I want you to invite all of your most high potential female executives into the meeting as well," Benioff said, reports Fierce CIO. According to its diversity numbers, Salesforce is on par with the rest of the industry: Its about 70% male overall, 80% male in its tech roles and 85% male in its leadership roles.

He's even got a target: Such meetings must include 30% to 50% women.

Finding a likelihood the plaintiffs would succeed on First Amendment grounds, these courts’ decisions to enjoin the orders have heretofore prevented enforcement of the order.

Prevailing arguments in the lower courts have controversially included those based on statements made by the president and his surrogates while on the campaign trail as to his motivation for issuing the ban.

Developed in with The King's Fund and three pilot providers, it will help you to develop cultures that enable and sustain continuously improving, safe, high quality, compassionate care.

The main resource is an interactive tool focusing on potential interventions, with links to good practice and wider resources.

coli bloodstream infections and the savings that can be made if infection rates are reduced.

Using published data from Public Health England on healthcare acquired infection rates, we've also produced a map to display NHS providers and clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) with the highest and lowest infection rates in 2016/17.

We leave the injunctions entered by the lower courts in place with respect to respondents and those similarly situated, as specified in this opinion.[T]he injunctions reach much further than that: They also bar enforcement of §2(c) against foreign nationals abroad who have no connection to the United States at all.This webinar will set out the process for mandating PLICS, along with a description of the proposals and how you can feed back to us.Last month we sent invites to finance directors and chief operating officers.Sessions will focus on the importance of effective, distributed leadership and how well-led teams can implement best practice using powerful improvement techniques. We're consulting on mandating patient-level costing (PLICS) for 2019/20.If implemented, this would mean that every acute provider will have to make a national PLICS return.

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Arguments are expected to be heard when the Court reconvenes in October.

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