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The oil I make takes nearly 24 hours all said and done, and I do it in a Crock-Pot — it's three cycles of heating on low for three hours, and then cooling for nine hours. I use marijuana trim, which are the plant's small leaves and stems that the dispensaries trim away from the buds.

I boil the trim in water first, because butter can't get hot enough on its own.

I think attitudes and laws will change soon; it's silly that people are still so afraid of this plant.

We don't fully understand all the medicinal properties of cannabis yet.

The cakes are red velvet with cream cheese glaze cake, triple chocolate cake, carrot cake, lemon cake, and ginger cake.

I just finalized a recipe for a Rice Krispie treat, and people love it, so I'll add that to the menu soon.

My recommended donation is or for a package of three cookies; the members donate or for that same package.

So a lot of medical marijuana clubs or collectives will write what's called a "designation letter." The letter basically says, "This person is part of our collective and we trust him to transport medicine for us on behalf of all of the patients we have." So that's how it works.I've been around marijuana and smoking for years, but I kept it private. As soon as my daughter was old enough that I had a little more time, I started baking with marijuana, alongside my friend.I was going to step out of a closet in a way, and that was something I struggled with for a while. At first, I would bake huge batches, but sometimes my cookies could sit around for weeks before they went anywhere.After I add the butter, it's the same heating and cooling process as the oil on the stovetop.When the process is done, I strain out the leaves and let the let the mixture cool, allowing the butter to separate from the water. My son knows that it's medicine, it's in a different fridge, it's labeled, and that it's not to be touched.

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