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I’m what women’s magazines and rap songs call a “curvy girl.” I’m not skinny. But I’ve got an attractive and -- more importantly -- healthy body that’s filled out in more places than others. We like pizza and vodka and occasionally going home after work instead of the gym. You have two choices: wear boxy sweaters that deceivingly make you look like 382,507 pounds or walk around looking like Sofia Vergara squeezed into a tube sock.We aren’t afraid to make space for ourselves in this world, whether it’s at the juice, buffet or Pure bar(re). You always order two of the same garment, but you'd much prefer to just try it on in-store (despite the hideous dressing room mirrors).Anime can emit countless distinct feelings and impulses to us fans.It can make us laugh, cry or even fantasize over animated characters.For this particular countdown, we’re looking at females in anime that are simply desirable.It could be as elementary as the way they speak, or as complex as the way they evoke an emotional response from us, due to their actions and motives.Or how you could barely touch your toes because your early-developed boobs hit you in the face? Thanks, Jillian.)We all have our limitations in life. It's an unspoken rule that you're not allowed to borrow your friends' clothes because you'll absolutely stretch them out -- and you know this. Any time you have to get up to go anywhere, you can't approach it straight on.

Thank you for helping me find a gorgeous girl here!! It was love at first sight, and he proposed to me six weeks later.

We aren’t looking for praise from guys or acceptance from the marketing departments of brand-name companies. Shipping and handling is more confusing than figuring out your size, so you can't shop online-only websites. Your boobs stick out, but it's baggy on the stomach, but cuts under the arms, but it's tight on the sides, but loose on the waist, but snug on the butt, hips and thighs.

(Although, who doesn’t love a flattering compliment as much as a well-fitting t-shirt? We’re curvy girls with a lot more going on than just our hips. There's no easy way out of this one -- at least two people always end up with an errant butt cheek in their laps or boob graze on their faces.... Actually, this big bowl of cheesy rigatoni is me trying to diet. And if that sounds exhausting, it's because it's true.

To that point, we’re going to present you with a mature doll face from the anime Date A Live.

Reine Murasame has blue eyes and unkempt pale blue hair that is typically tied into a right-sided ponytail.

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