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He tells me there is a higher than average rate of suicide among those working in heavy construction and farming - “because they have the means”. “The constant talk about porn had made me feel like what was happening was normal,” she says.

Far fewer women than men work in these environments. She’d “made it clear,” she says, that she “wasn’t ready to have sex,” but one evening he sexually assaulted her in a park. She uses that word repeatedly to describe her attitude towards Andy’s assaults: normal.

All of these things put them at greater risk of suicide.” In India, says Prof Patel, “female suicide rates are highest in parts of the country with the best education and economy, probably because women grow up with greater aspirations only to find their social milieu limits them.” In Prof Patel’s view, “fifty per cent of those attempting suicide in China and India do not have a mental illness.They suffer logical despair.” The adolescent male suicide rate, though lower, is also extremely high in this region.Prof Patel’s interviews with survivors of suicide attempts have led him to believe that, “for girls, gender issues are usually behind it.That’s a major factor behind the fall in the overall death rate for 15-19 year old girls from 137.4 deaths per 100,000 girls in 2000 to 112.6 today. And it has allowed the spotlight to fall, finally, on what has actually been the biggest killer all along: suicide. In Europe, it is the number one killer of teenage girls.In Africa, it’s not even in the top five, “because maternal deaths and HIV are so high,” says Petroni.

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  1. In Yangon, there are over 100 brothels and up to 10,000 sex workers, mostly of the Bamar ethnic group, with between 70-90 percent having a history of sexually transmitted infections and less than 25 percent having been tested for HIV.