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Read Full Bio→It used to be parents who worried about their children being picked up by unsavory types in bars and other seedy hang-outs.Now children are worried about their parents being hoodwinked by the scam artists who haunt online dating sites."I am a bit past age 50 --- well educated lady; (I thought that I was so smart that it couldn't happen to me --- my college education is no match for a professional criminal)," said one of a seemingly endless stream of scam victims who have written to Consumer Affairs after losing thousands of dollars.Consumer Affairs' founder and former editor, Jim Hood formerly headed Associated Press Broadcast News, directing coverage of major news events worldwide.He also served as Senior Vice President of United Press International and was the founder and editor of Zapnews, a newswire service for radio and television.Today's major websites do little or noting to filter content and, rather than taking pride in their role as publishers, see themselves as mere pipelines through which sludge flows onto the Internet.Google has a news page that is totally assembled by an algorithm (and looks like it).An emailed complaint to a dating website is mixed in with thousands of other emails, most of them spam.Filters that look for specific words may snag a few but many of these emails will go unread.

"I have nothing left and this sociopath is back on; same face, different dress.

Unfortunately, like a fire that burns your house down, there's not much you can do after it's happened.

Many victims waste a lot of time trying to track down the miscreant themselves.

If there is a class action suit, I would like to be part of it," said a Florida woman who said she has lost ,000 to a dating site scammer. Even if they were not, private legal action would be prohibitively expensive, greatly exceeding the victims' losses.

The obvious problem with this approach is that most dating site scammers are overseas and beyond the reach of U. Class action suits against dating sites are not likely to produce large settlements for individual victims. In the unlikely event that such a suit succeeded, the payout to individuals would be unlikely to amount to more than a token.

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