Dating an introvert

While extroverts gather their energy from others, introverts draw their energy from themselves.

An introvert will never leave you on your own, if you trust them enough to tell them about your problems, you can trust them to stick to you through thick and thin.

Interestingly, introverts are bookworms and you will always find them obsessing over books.

And if you are that person, you can have full faith in their loyalty.

You will discover something new about yourself very often and when you’ll see things from their eyes, everything will seem different.

Their perception about things will be different and you’ll be amazed at how they can associate so many thoughts with simple things in life. They aren’t very good at socializing and making friends.

An introvert partner is no less than a miniature library.

And, they sometimes tend to be writers; they will write sweet nothings for you, which will make your day and describe things in a way you could have never thought.

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