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Wifi is supposed to take over and save the data on the data plan.I have not heard anything more about this settlement. This is ridiculous how they are screwing people out of money. Did you sign a CONTRACT or give permission for another network? Same issues with overages, and I'd checked 3 years back before lowering amount to see if I went over what I was going down to. You cannot receive text messages (SMS) or Multimedia Messages (MMS) with photos in them over Wi Fi. Only recently has the technology change to allow this called "Wifi Calling" that allows those services to come through Wifi. My internet was not working so I went to the store and theri salesperson sold me two hotspot devices. I had international data coverage but when I used it for 18 minutes, they charged me another 0.00.

If you got hurt by a device, you can report it to your state Attorney General’s office.

So she pays for data so you can use it when she wants to but has to keep turning it off when not on wifi because it's being used somehow just not by her.

It makes no sense & she gets the same answer every time she calls.

Tänk på att välja ett lösenord som inte går att gissa sig till.

(Men som du ändå kommer ihåg, så klart.) Om du är inloggad kan du byta lösenord när som helst.

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