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Pictures have emerged from inside the apartment and show a shopping bag full of cash and a copy of the Koran lying among other possessions inside his lair.A handwritten note on paper with red hearts, also apparently left at the scene, read: 'Do what ever u want...He suggested the new target to his handler, who approved.The alleged shooter then went to collect his weapon from the neighborhood of Zeytinburnu, where he went two days before the attack.Turkey has historically been more progressive with women’s rights than neighbouring countries but recent changes and continuing problems with wage gaps, child brides, honour killings and domestic violence have prompted concerns by activists that the country is slipping backwards.Although abortion is legal up to 10 weeks, the Prime Minister has spoken out against terminations and floated plans to restrict the law.

This comes as four other accomplices were also arrested in the run down flat, which was just 25 miles from the scene of the deadly assault.But on New Year's Eve, he was quoted as saying it didn't seem possible to carry out the attack in Taksim due to intense security measures.Masharipov then contacted his handler, who told him to find a new target. while traveling by taxi on the banks of the Bosporus.I will not care any more and I can't help any one of course I can't help myself.But if you want this it's okay but I will be in other place away from her.'Two pistols, mobile phone SIM cards, and more than 100,000 euros in cash were seized when the Uzbekistan national was caught in his friend's house in Esenyurt district of the city.

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The gunman took out a security guard outside of the nightclub and another civilian before entering Reina and letting loose a salvo of bullets on people who were celebrating New Year's Eve.

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