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The ending -oche (with or without an intervening consonant or phoneme to make it easier to pronounce) is also sometimes used: cinoche (cinéma), Mac Doche (Mc Donald's), fastoche (easy-peezy, from facile, easy).

Informal French has a number of diminutive nicknames, although not as systematically as in English.

In French, for both male and female names, hypocorisms are most commonly formed by dropping the last syllable: A special case is the ending in -ick/ -ic, which is the French writing for the hypocoristic form in Breton "-ig", used for both genders. This diminutive, in its French form of "ick" or "ic", became in vogue for official names in the second half of the 20th century: In Breton, the diminutive form "...ig" can be given to any kind of names, nouns or adjectives, (un tammig, a few), while in French it relates only to given names. Often in Breton a hypocoristic form of a given name can be made by putting away the first syllable.

Often the ending -i is added to these truncated nameforms. Further diminutives can be added with the suffixes -lein, -(e)l or -chen, e. Often the ending -i is added to these truncated nameforms (Kati, Laci, Julcsi, Ági, Feri).

Further diminutives can be added with the suffixes -ka, -ke, -kó, -csi, etc., e. Lacika, Ferike, Palkó and Julcsi as a diminutive respectively for László, Ferenc, Pál and Júlia.

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The English forms Johnny or Johnnie and Bobby or Bobbie are quite common in the Netherlands.

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