Gta 4 dating kate after roman dies

So, the solution is to create two save files, and then you can play each file, and decide which storyline you liked the best.

If you don't kill dimitri then roman dies at the wedding.But turns out that Roman not only bullshitted about his rich life, but also owes a metric fuckton amount of money to a lot of people.So Niko, being the Serbian immigrant that he is, finds himself taking up a life of murder, crime, and theft.It features an extra thirty seconds of gameplay, four hours of videos showing you how cool it would be to play, and none of the great things that the original game had (Why the fuck do I want to swim with a goddamn leather jacket on? The Ballad of Ghey Tony was released a bit later, and all the 13 year old GTA fanboys went crazy.The story follows this guy who works for a fag and carries out his daily chores and bidding, along with having to work for and later fight an alcoholic Russian and his fuck-ugly assistant.

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