Paul from american idol dating nikki reed

The following day, the sweet new couple were seen hand-in-hand out and about in Los Angeles looking blissfully happy as they walked together in the sunshine.

Nikki Reed was previously married to American Idol finalist Paul Mc Donald Ian and Nikki were first romantically linked in July.

I heard that my whole life and then my Dad met Paul and he said, 'I think you might be luckier in this situation.' He really is such a great guy," she told Huff Post.

"Once I met him I thought, 'How about we live in a pop-up tent and eat ramen on the weekends and then we could be productive during the week?

We sat down with the multitasking maven at Bebe's "No Resolutions, No Regrets" holiday soiree to chat about how she balances everything on her full plate, and what she's looking forward to this holiday season (Spoiler: It has to do with sequined underpants). Plus, it gave us the motivation to schedule that extra spin class, stay a little later at work, and squeeze in one more dinner date this week. contestant and lead singer of The Grand Magnolias)? We do this thing together and it wouldn’t exist outside of us because, I do enjoy singing, but it’s not the singing that I enjoy as much as the way he makes me feel about singing." premiere in L. I'll hold your popcorn.' The rest is history."For whatever reason, it doesn’t seem like that many women in this generation are getting married in their early twenties. I’ve met people who got married a week after meeting, and they’ve been together for 42 years, and then I’ve met people (like my parents) who waited over a decade to get married, and it still wasn’t the right fit, so I guess you just do what feels right."One of the pros to getting married young is definitely being a young parent. I’m watching the years go by, like I’m going to be 26 and Paul’s going to be 30 on his next birthday, and we’re still not quite ready. I might just end up being an old mom if I wait."Are a lot of your friends married, or are you two the couple in the group?

Now, the Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed have been dating for several months Speaking at the 2014 Creative Emmys, Ian, 35, said, "Life is good.

There's a lot of support and love from a lot of people." Nikki, 26, was also at the Hollywood event; she walked the red carpet with her art director father Seth, who was nominated for an award for actress reportedly introduced the two men in her life for the first time.

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