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They were invariable granted with the utmost good will.God, too, is more likely to give us what we ask for if we rely soley upon his grace.Enormous suffering is experienced by children at school who are 'different.' Only last week I read in the paper of the suicide of an eleven year-old boy who was bullied on the school bus for being a little plump and old fashioned.The hard-hearted tormenters when confronted with their brutal behaviour invariably say, "We didn't mean any harm.I know many fathers who cannot do enough for their children.My friend Keith would think nothing of a round trip of 400 miles to deliver his daughter and her luggage safely back to university.She retaliated by taunting Hannah with her inability to conceive and have children. I am going to consider the story under three headings: Hannah was driven to prayer by the lack of a child.

In this she was superior to Eli's wife and, later, the wife of Samuel himself. My friend and former colleague, Tommy Bamber, was a very popular teacher. We should depend upon God's goodness and God's goodness alone for answers to our prayers.He needed a child set apart and dedicated to the LORD's service, brought up to love the laws and worship of God's chosen people.Hophni and Phineas, Eli's sons, had turned out bad. Disappointments and discouragements are often part of his purpose and plan. She did not pray for a beautiful son, or an intelligent son, or one that was perfectly formed. On many occasions I have heard church members pray like this for a pastor, "Dear LORD send us a man of your choice." The rider to that prayer is left unuttered: "But let us have the final say." Church members do have the final say! If Christians were honest they would actually pray for a pastor along these lines: "Dear LORD please, please, please, send us a man that we like." I am afraid that we pray along the same lines for a wife or a husband. Why have you given that Penninah children and not me?She would not even go up to the tabernacle for the annual feasting.Hannah devoted herself to preparing Samuel for what lay ahead.

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It is easy to feel like this when things go wrong and our prayers are unanswered.

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