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Following the secularization of church property in countries such as Mexico, some constructions were not maintained and their contents were looted, making such documentation important.Native-born art historians initially had to go abroad to be trained, but national institutes for the study of the arts were established in Latin America in the 1930s as part of governments or major universities.

Most Latin American countries are experiencing epidemiologic and nutrition transitions.When Europeans arrived, mostly from Spain and peoples had similarly formed civilizations with their own unique artistic practices, from the large political structures of the Inca and Aztec empires to the more scattered presence of small groups of nomadic peoples.(For an exploration of these artistic traditions, underwent sweeping cultural and political changes that would lead to the independence movements of the 19th century and the social upheavals of the 20th century.These writings often had the structure of a travelogue, in which the important monuments of each location were described in somewhat romantic, nontechnical terms.The writers generally did not possess a great knowledge of the history of art, but they often brought the knowledge of having lived in Europe and seen the famous monuments that inspired works in various Latin American countries.

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Edited by Renée de la Torre (CIESAS Occidente), Cristina Gutiérrez Zúñiga (El Colegio de Jalisco), and Nahayeilli Juárez Huet (CIESAS Peninsular).

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  1. Indeed, much of the culture can be divided along "his" and "her's" lines. Now that I'm a little older (and a handful of failed relationships wiser), I have abandoned my fantasies of being rescued in favour of an equal partnership.