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And the other side is driven by the phenomenon known as ‘the precession of equinoxes’. As different from the Mahabharat, here the word used is ‘ and party have found Sita. They came to Kishkindha and in a hurry everybody left for Lanka.Everybody is walking towards Lanka in order to rescue Sita and during this time, is describing the various things and patterns in the sky.who took possession of India, from about first century BC to the third century BC...' and again classifying Sanskrit literature he says 'we divide the whole of the Sanskrit literature into there two periods, one anterior to the great Turanian invasion, the other posterior to it, we may call the former period as ancient and natural, that of the later modern and artificial...' thus Ramayana belonged to the modern and artificial literary period and Veda-s to ancient, according to him. Michelson in his 'Linguistic Archaisms of the Ramayana...'adds another phase called Epical period.Thus, there are three, Vedic, Epical, and the rest of it is modern and artificial, At the same time Max Muller says: 'That at the time of Solomon, there was a channel of communication open between India and Syria and Palestine is established beyond doubt, I believe, by certain Sanskrit words which occur in the Bible such as ivory, apes, peacock, and sandalwood, which, taken together, could not have been exported from any country but India...' So Solomon, Bible, Turanian invasion, Ramayana... So many professors so many researchers have not said a date agreeable to Indians as well as to the world.The word oni can be cleaved as a yoni; [ayogya ] yonim gata 'unbefitting, uterus, obtained birth...' 'one who is born to an unbefitting mother...say, a bastard...' That is what depus Rex proved later.Four references we quicly saw and all of them refer to 10000 BC. As observed with astronomical observations the dates of Mahabharat and Ramayana are scientific and the propositions of Sh. As always for the sake of the progress of science, please analyze and question the claims. some hold the view that Ramayana was written more later to Greek's invasion on India. ' says: 'If I call the invasion which is generally called the invasion of the Shakas, or the Scythians, or the Indo-Scythians, or the Turanian invasion...

It is said there; 'Therefore, Ramayana 'must have' occurred 9600 years ago, which is 7600 B.

C approximately...' which again is disputable because this is goining against the The provinces Shuurasena, Bharata, Kuru are the downlands of Himalayas.

The Kaambhoja is the province northwest to India, where the Russia touches India, as mapped by 'An Historical Atlas of the Indian Peninsula' of Oxford University.

At one place, it is said that there was a rapport among these places India-Syria-Palestine and even up to Egypt, but at other place, the Indian thought, that the Indian had Greeks and Greeks had Indians, is dismissed.

What prevents to agree that both hold up mirror to almost the same culture, though diverse in its practise, right from the belief of Greeks, viz., 'the sense of many gods are there near at hand' to various gods, to their names, to the epical literature, and also to myths and legends and dramas etc, is unknown.

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Testing, empirical, various pole stars that we have seen in the circle. I don’t necessarily understand this thing, any other? In Aranya Kand, it’s the time of ” Laxman is saying its set’s around Pushya.

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