List the configuration options available for updating the os

Any dependencies of these packages will automatically be reinstalled when the primary package is reinstalled.

An alternative script, that uses awk instead of sed/grep and is much shorter (provided by user valentijn): This is an alternative to the script above.

This command will list all packages related to any file in the whole file system that has changed from the default Open Wrt default version.

It is only important to note the names of packages that you directly installed manually. This will display the current contents of /etc/file and the edit window can be used to add additional lines to the file. To view all the configuration files that will be saved on an upgrade, click the "Open list…" button.

etc/config/dhcp etc/config/dropbear etc/config/firewall etc/config/luci etc/config/network etc/config/snmpd etc/config/system etc/config/ubootenv etc/config/ucitrack etc/config/uhttpd etc/config/wireless etc/dropbear/authorized_keys etc/dropbear/dropbear_dss_host_key etc/dropbear/dropbear_rsa_host_key etc/etc/group etc/hosts etc/inittab etc/passwd etc/profile etc/rc.local etc/shadow etc/shells etc/sudoers etc/sudoers.d/custom etc/etc/killall: watchdog: no process killed Sending TERM to remaining processes ... The new package installations will have installed new, default versions of package configuration files.

You might like to put some fresh news concerning your server here and update it regularly.

This message is also shown when the command /motd is used.

Be sure to check any files you have added or customized from a default Open Wrt install to back up these items before an upgrade.

Note that the script may list several packages that are part of the default Open Wrt install and will have their changed configuration files automatically backed up and restored.

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