Carbon dating in antarctica

As it turns out, the abidance of water is extremely important to how the ice flows.

If you were to peel the ice off, what would you see?

Not only are we working full tilt, in an unforgiving environment, but we only have one shot to get things right.

It's exhilarating, almost like being in a pit crew or crewing a sailboat during a race.

Hodson, his adviser Ross Powell and their colleagues are publishing a paper in the June issue of the journal Earth and Planetary Science Letters describing how water has carved the lake and its surrounding landscape.

Previous studies have looked at the waterways beneath the Antarctic ice sheet, Hodson said, but the Lake Whillans project (conducted with funding from the National Science Foundation) is the first to directly access a subglacial lake.

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Cycles of freeze and thaw carve drainages, rivers, canyons and even lakes under what seems, from the surface, to be an endless expanse of white.

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