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This web-edition features 234 letters to and from Bess of Hardwick (c.1521/2-1608); a further 7 letters will be added at the 2014 update, which makes a total of 241 extant letters identified to date.It is a remarkable number to have for an English woman born before 1550, even more so from one born into the lesser gentry.

Furthermore, it reminds us that individual letters have their own individual history, but that, at the same time, letters often travel in groups and are assimilated, detached and re-assimilated with other letters during their route through time. Among the largest groups of letters from Bess's correspondence are the 32 held in the Shrewsbury-Talbot Papers, now at Lambeth Palace Library in London.The letters reflect her range of social contacts and we have 88 correspondents in the Project database, from across the social scale.Her correspondents range from her servants, mother and brother in Derbyshire, to the most rich and powerful in the land, who included Elizabeth I, Mary, Queen of Scots, Archbishop Matthew Parker and Lord Burghley.Her letters were written across six decades, from the time of her second marriage to Sir William Cavendish in the 1550s, through her subsequent marriages, to Sir William St Loe and then to George Talbot, sixth earl of Shrewsbury, to her widowhood in 1590, when she became dowager countess of Shrewsbury, right up to her death in 1608.We are therefore able to compare Bess's letter-writing practices across the different stages of her long and influential life.

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