Pidgin status not updating dating a rockstar

Of course you can "Autojoin" if you want :-)So I hope you find this interesting and also ask your friends to play around with XMPP, it's generally the only way to get instant messaging with your friends without the tracking of a centralized service, but still with secured usernames.

If I can make a recommendation, the software page on the xmpp website is rather poor, as it doesn't discriminate between free software and proprietary software.

2--When registering, I didn't get prompted to accept a certificate. 3--Is it possible to add buddies who use different XMPP services, like Google Chat, via the dukgo XMPP? I'd also try pidgin Hi, While you're using a self-signed certificate, you should really show a screen shot of "View Certificate" so that people can verify the fingerprint for themselves :-) Obviously, this isn't as strong as an actual chain, but it's better than nothing.

Aside, Congrats on an awesome new service, I'll be setting up Pidgin very soon!

On Thursday May 18th, 2017 we shut down our XMPP service.

Thanks for your continued support over the previous years.

All you need to do is set it up to use with DDG using the guide referenced above and away you go. If anyone wants to add me as a buddy on Pidgin look for Hey! [email protected] offline on me (and my other xmpp accounts), did it happen to anyone else?

I tested some clients from the list in and found them acting as a man in the middle.This will modify the caches in transit, as well as sending notifications to clients that are currently logged in for the user.As well, you won't have issues with your changes getting overwritten.It might be preferable for duckduckgo to keep their own shorter list of open and properly audited software, since I'm pretty sure a lot of what's on the list isn't all that privacy friendly.Can someone please confirm what the correct server settings should be?

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