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In addition, please note that the principles, explanations and examples in this paper do not constitute legal advice and do not create additional rights or legal obligations beyond those that are contained in the TASA or which may exist at law.

The TPB released this TPB(I) as an exposure draft on 14 September 2010.

Make it clear to your client what you will and won't do based on the discussion(s) you've had.

Move on to the money section of the engagement letter. Give your hourly rate and spell out how you're going to notify the client of progress.

Highlight in red the project cost if you charge a flat rate.

Once the report is finalized and sent to the client, they can hire us to address the issues and for ongoing bookkeeping service.

If they decide against hiring us, they’re able to take the report to another firm or attempt to fix them on their own.

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The prospective client knows that there’s probably something wrong with their bookkeeping, but since they’re focused on their business, they have neither the time nor the knowledge to figure it out.

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