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The site’s servers will generate a seamless stitched together map of your selection. After your download is completed you can go and unzip the ‘’ file.In the zip folder you’ll find a file called (it may not display the file extension on your machine).I’m on a mac but the process is exactly the same on a windows machine.On the Edge 520 you will see a folder called Garmin and within it you’ll see ‘gmapbmap.img’, again with or without the extension.And, thanks to Open Street Map, you can get a detailed bike map of your region for free.Well, depending on how much data is available of course. You can’t tell it to navigate you to your favorite pub, but you can tell your Garmin to bring you back to the start and see whereabouts you are.This was the last step, now you can unplug your Garmin and boot it up.It will load the new map, which you can see in the boot up text, as shown below, (this may take a second but is pretty fast) and you’re good to go!

You can select an entire country, but it’s likely that the map is too big to fit on the internal storage of the 520 (you only have about 100Mb of storage). After you found the area you’re interested in, you need to enable the ‘manual selection’ just above the map: Now you can select tiles on the map by clicking on them.

Copying the files to the Garmin did not remove the encryption. If you get an error when you want to install a device update, that there’s not enough space just temporarily remove the map file and put it back after the update.

The solution was to remove the encryption first on Windows (right-click, Properties, Advanced, Uncheck: Encrypt contents…), then copy the files to the Garmin. If you have any questions or are stuck in the process, drop a comment below or contact me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. If you like this post and found it helpful, please support me by shopping at my sponsors using the banners on the side or go directly to Amazon or Wiggle via these links!

Back to start is great if you feel like just going for a ride in an area you don’t know.

To install maps on the Garmin Edge 520 you need to take a couple of steps.

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