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I made a conscious choice of not taking commercial gigs unless i find the companies I work with ethical and aligned with my values so now I’m working mainly with private clients, NGOs, tourism boards, sometime with magazines and often with travel agencies.Agencies hire me to take photos that they can use to promote their business.Then a few years later, I realized it was all bullshit and the work I was producing was hurting women—setting unrealistic beauty standards that killed our self esteem—so I quit and I decided to try to change things. Eventually my savings ran out so I got myself in quite a bit of credit card debts (nothing outrageous but I did whatever I had to do to keep going).I never wanted to make a dime more with fashion photography but I needed to find an alternative way to survive, I knew I was a good photographer and could get work in the travel industry so while I was shooting for my project I also started creating a portfolio of travel images.But the only way instagram has truly helped me is that when an agency or a client looks at my account they might feel reassured by my numbers (and even more by my press section i think! But let’s not forget that I was working as much as I am working now when my numbers were really low.I’m a professional photographer, that’s my ‘real job’. My specialty is portraiture so I spend a lot of time with local people when I travel to capture their culture and that implies staying in remote areas.) and a sense of self-entitlement to some magic formula you expect me to give you.

Things were going very well, I was making a lot of money and I was making a name for myself.One day i’m poolside working on my laptop, the next I have a fucking rifle pointed at my face (yes it happened! Sometime I have my own driver, sometime I hitchhike…in order for you to understand all this I need to give you a little bit of background, stay with me if you want to get the bigger picture or skip ahead to the next paragraph if you only want the single frame!IN A NOTCH: I used to be a professional dancer and I left my country, Italy, right after highschool to pursue my dreams and moved to LA.I have no home, no possessions, no family to take care of and that gives me complete freedom to go where I want when I want.I know, it’s a bit extreme and certainly not for everyone, but for me—for now—it’s totally worth it.

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