Senegal dating culture

The problem is he is Muslim and even tho i respect that I have to tell him about Jesus. Its hard because when I tell him things he does not understand their meaning.

so i was trying to understand his roots and customs ect so i did my research on the country and religion and now i know alot of what he was talking about.I do not think his 1st wife was aware of our marriage.I tried the whole year of our marriage to talk to her but my husband had several excuses why I could not which lead me to believe she did not know. He fully supported her and his children but did not have the funds to support me or the children we would have had.I'm not sure if divorce is even an option in his religion/country. I don't pay for anything when i'm there, they carry all my bags, and the pleasure side of it OMG...He states we can marry the way they marry in Senegal and not have anything on paper (the american way)if i'm not ready or have second thoughts. I do love this man but my fear is- what if he has a wife in Senegal?

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Ultimately, what I have learned from my boyfriend is that polygamy can often be really awful and there is little success with it in this day, however, in certain settings, it has a purpose. But this is coming from the perspective of an American girl who would greatly dislike the idea of sharing her love and partner with another woman.

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