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It was through her husband that she met Charles, and her beauty and Australian informality soon won his heart.In fact, the rest of his family adored her too: she and Lord Tryon were invited to Balmoral, where she would ride out with the Queen.What happened next remains the subject of immense speculation to this day.While undergoing treatment there, Kanga fell from a high window, shattering her spine.She had given herself to the Prince of Wales and he had loved her, for however brief a time, but the rules of the game were such that she couldn't shout this great triumph from the rooftops.

Finally, it emerged Kanga was in possession of a number of letters from HRH.Andrew Morton's seismic expose; Diana: Her True Story, published in 1992, first revealed Charles's lifelong craving for the horsy ex-debutante from Sussex.Jonathan Dimbleby, Charles's official biographer, went on to confirm the detail, wondering whether, if things had been different, Charles and Camilla might not have got it together the first time around.For most people, the battle for Charles's heart was a straight playoff between two women - married Camilla, his one true love, and virginal Diana, a knee-jerk response to a nation baying for a royal bride. And, in the end, both hated the other with a loathing that bordered on the pathological. Both named them Charles (in Camilla's case, it was a second name).

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