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It's a motivation to take the steering wheel of your life out of God's hands.It happens when you feel hopeless about God's provision and timing in giving you a spouse.

Or do you think online dating is against God's will for you because it's something you'd actually prefer to do?

It means acknowledging the Holy Spirit's direction in your life.

It also means seeking the counsel of wise Christians you respect who can speak truth into your life and give you feedback on any decisions you're contemplating.

As you apply these debilitating traps to your thinking about online dating, you may see just how naive they are.

The bottom line is that the Bible nowhere forbids online dating, and therefore, neither should we. We don't want to make the mistake the Pharisees did and invent "sins" that weren't mentioned in the Bible.

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Bryce, a single stockbroker, is one of the most sincere Christians we know.

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