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There is also no NPC called "Mankrik's Wife", as she is called "Beaten Corpse".

On many realms "Mankrik's Wife" has also become a generic response to general chat questions involving quest-givers, merchants, etc.

There are ways to read what has been posted there even if you are the only ones in there talking, there are commands to let people see what you have said before they come in.

Its a cheap chat room and is not my favorite thing.

adinner out side the house my wife suggested the restaurant not far from us I told her to be ready while I do some stuff and i will be waiting for her in the car after half an hour she came she was wearing a pinky colour for the sheer long skirt and low cut t shirt...

airport there were my wife nancy and my best friend joseph when i entered from the arrival gate i saw them holding hands they released hands and came toward me nancy began kissing me with strong huge and she said i missed you alot we headed to josegh car at the road i...

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