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There’s no boy dreamy enough to swerve a party over – ever. Cook, Riz Ahmed, Joey Badass, Brendon Urie, and many “‘Boys’ is my favourite music video I’ve ever made,” the singer and pop songwriter says. – no boys were harmed in the making of this video.” The fizzing, sweet, and fantastical slow banger “Boys” is a refreshing subversion of the modern pop video; Charli stays behind the camera, working with Kendrick Lamar collaborator Sarah Mc Colgan as the boys – gender stereotypes aside – turn up as the cute, silly, distracting objects of thirst.

But Charli XCX’s latest video makes it tempting, as the singer has recruited a multitude of guys on the scene for her self-directed, bubblegum pink visual. “I just wanna say a big thanks to all the boys involved, for totally embracing and understanding my vision and being excited by the concept. We’re treated to a montage of dudes doing sweet things: Urie lies on a bed of roses, a shirtless Mac licks a guitar, Khalid and Diplo play with puppies, Riz whispers sweet nothings to a pink bear.

Later someone will post a sneaky cell-phone photo of this exact moment on Twitter, and a fan will comment: Adam Levine is one of the biggest pop stars in the country, if not the world.

Along with his band, Maroon 5, he’s responsible for some of the most ubiquitous earworms of the past decade, songs like "This Love" and "Moves Like Jagger," one of which you’re probably humming right now just by virtue of having read the words.

That was pretty funny, but I won’t say who I met on there! I’m not sure what's coming out but I really believe in her and she’s so wild. However, other albums I've really enjoyed are the latest Cashmere Cat album. He makes the kind of music, catchy but deeply uncool, that people hate themselves for singing along to. "So I’m gonna get really intricately self-reflective right now and ask myself the hard questions, to find out, once and for all, definitively, whether or not I’m a douchebag.""Really? Earlier, he had extolled the virtues of living in the Valley. Maybe two of you guys can roll over, and one of you can grab the Ferrari, and then we can just split?Not long after our interview, he will dye his hair Eminem blond and tweet a picture of it, making a face that is unironically Blue Steel. "No one ever follows me," he’d said as we drove in his black Ferrari through a landscape of foot-massage parlors and nail salons. Thanks, bro." He clicks off, and a few minutes later, Shawn, a gentle lion of a man with a Jesus ponytail, has pulled up outside and hustled us into his Dodge Magnum."Shawn, are you experiencing inordinate amounts of pain? Levine recently became engaged, and over the past few days, in preparation for his wedding, he, Shawn, and some of his other guy friends have been doing P90X-style workouts together. "You gotta start your own workout program and call it ’Three Days Is Enough.’ " He swivels his head as we pass a strip mall.I love writing and it’s a big part of who I am as an artist, but the second I heard the hook of ‘Boys’ I had this idea for the video and I knew I had to do it.And re: getting the boys – most of them are friends or people I know or have worked with. Honestly, he’s one of the sweetest most kind people ever and I’m so happy/lucky he was in the video. Charli XCX: I listen to a lot of demos from when I’ve been writing in the studio. I don’t like to sit on songs and not have them come out for ages, so I’ll probably decide the final tracklist for the album a couple of months before it’s gonna come out.

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He grabs a coconut water from the fridge and gingerly eases his body onto a floral-upholstered bench in the breakfast nook.

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  1. After an intense stare down, she decides to let him finish what her boyfriend started. When Nickey’s husband gifts her an at-home session with Danny, a self-proclaimed “professional bed yogi”, she’s instantly suspicious of him.

  2. Each relationship was a short-term learning experience that had a long-term impact on how I viewed myself and what I wanted in a wife. This is a big reason why one person's travel recommendations don't always match another's experience.