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So far (other than the version number shown), there are no interface changes, so features and screenshots should be equally applicable.The core of the CSV Validator is written in Scala 2.11, Scala runs in the Java Virtual Machine, so requires Java 7 or newer to be installed on your computer in order to run.You can either type, or copy-and-paste, the filepath into the appropriate box, these are labelled "CSV file" and "CSV Schema file" respectively.Alternatively, click the buttons labelled "..." (highlighted in the image below): This will open up a standard "File open" dialogue, allowing you to navigate to the file in the file system, and select it: Clicking "Open" will populate the related text box: While in the most straightforward cases, you can validate a CSV file immediately after supplying the filepaths, in many instances you will need to supply Settings options.Using the Settings is equivalent to providing options when running via the Command Line (note that there is one additional option at the command line that is not available within Settings, to produce a detailed report on the parse of the schema itself).

As described in the Background section above, the original use case at The National Archives was for a tool to validate metadata files.

These files generally describe a set of digital files being transferred to The National Archives and so contain information, including a filepath and checksum, about each file in a particular transfer.

In addition to checking that the metadata files are correctly structured, we wish to check that the file actually exists at the filepath specified, and that when recalculated, the checksum for the files matches the value supplied in the CSV file.

Simply extract the entire contents of the zip to your desired installation location.

The validation components are identical, but csv-validator-ui contains additional components to create the GUI interface.

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