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The app encourages you to take your liking to a person forward and if you haven’t still gotten in touch, too bad – things weren’t meant to be! Lunch Click - for those looking at a serious relationship, security checks and all A serious dating app not for casual hook ups, Lunch Click has been developed by Lunch Actually, the biggest dating agency in South East Asia.

Women Centric, this app assures quality single profiles that are looking towards a serious relationship.

All you need is a Facebook account to log on and then just swipe left or right to show your like or dislike for someone’s photo. The geographical discovery settings will allow you to find the closest people around you.

Almost everyone is on Tinder, which includes married men and all sorts of unwanted attention.

"Anecdotally," say the authors of the official "Real Love Works 2011" report, "We have also come across people who share the passion of helping their friends who are singles but they do not know how." And so an official Yenta 101 course was born.

Each seminar will be conducted by a certified family counselor or social worker who will discuss "principles of privacy and confidentiality, relationship knowledge, facilitation and even event organization."But in case the newly trained matchmakers don't get to work fast enough, the government has other tools to lead stray singles up the Orwellian ladder to "Marriage Central." The SDN has also set up an online dating site, for example. It may look like, or OK Cupid, but it's nothing so commercial.

With a tagline that says “Stop Swiping, Start Meeting Up”, it's perfect for those of you that are just about done with the whole dating app culture 5. Its citizens are waiting too long to get married, if they marry at all, meaning fewer people are having children, and the economy may soon suffer for it.But we know the island nation's government has a hands-off philosophy, right?In this case, central control is stepping in, preparing to sprinkle a little officially sanctioned love dust.In July, Singapore officials will launch a six-month class on matchmaking, managed by the Social Development Network, a sub-agency of the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports.

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